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BothwinRaingear supply OEM & ODM service of golf umbrella,folding umbrella,inverted umbrella,children umbrella and more umbrellas. Competitive price. Get An Instant Quote Now!
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BothwinRaingear, provide umbrella wholesale, you can wholesale umbrella in different colors, style.

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BothwinRaingear Umbrella
BothwinRaingear Umbrella Limited Company is a global umbrella brand operator with stable cooperative factories. BothwinRaingear has an extensive domestic and foreign marketing network, and its products are exported to more than 180 countries and regions. We mainly deal in customized umbrellas, golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, children's umbrellas, inverted umbrellas, transparent umbrellas and other products. Whether you are an individual, a business or a retailer, we can meet your diverse needs and provide you with high-quality products and professional services. Custom umbrellas are one of our specialties. We understand that each client has a unique brand image and publicity needs, so we provide personalized customization services to ensure that your umbrella is unique. Whether printing a company logo, a personalized design or a theme for a specific event, our dedicated team will work with you to provide a creative and high-quality bespoke solution. Our cooperative factory is equipped with advanced printing equipment and technology, which can achieve accurate and long-lasting printing effect, making your customized umbrella a unique publicity tool. Our cooperative factories are strictly screened to ensure the quality and reliability of products. These factories have advanced production equipment and craftsmanship, and use high-quality materials to manufacture umbrellas to ensure durability and waterproof performance. Their attention to detail and quality control ensures that every umbrella complies with international standards. We have established long-term partnerships with factories to ensure continuous supply, whether you need small batches or large-scale purchases, we can meet your needs. We not only pay attention to product quality, but also focus on providing customers with high-quality service experience. Our sales team has rich industry knowledge and experience, able to provide you with professional advice and customized solutions. We listen to our customers' needs and provide the best product selection and customization according to their requirements. We provide flexible order management and timely logistics arrangements to ensure that your orders are delivered to you accurately. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with our customers, so we value customer feedback and opinions. We are constantly improving and innovating to provide better products and services. We are customer satisfaction driven and strive to exceed expectations to provide you with superior umbrella solutions. Our Advantage: Most reliable price, guaranteed acceptable quality, reliable delivery time, good service and prompt response Our Mission: Creative design, stable quality and considerate service Our Vision: China Excellent Supplier Our Products: Umbrellas: Folding Umbrellas, Golf Umbrellas, Straight Umbrellas, Inverted Umbrellas, Kid's or Kid's Umbrellas, Clear Clear Umbrellas and DIY Umbrellas Qualifications: Our Partner:


  • Custom umbrella
    Custom umbrella

    We design fully customized umbrellas, including all details from fabric colors to customized handles. We provide customized umbrella manufacturing services to create unique umbrellas suitable for your brand or promotional activities.

  • Custom printed umbrella
    Custom printed umbrella

    According to the pattern you provide, you can customize and print your own umbrella, which can be printed both inside and outside. Contact us to make your own printed umbrella.

  • Promotional Umbrella
    Promotional Umbrella

    When you need branded gifts, high-quality corporate brand umbrellas are the perfect solution. Our fast printing service for logo umbrellas provides services for brand umbrellas of various styles and colors. We offer brand umbrellas ranging from oversized golf umbrellas to folding umbrellas. The promotional umbrellas we print are ideal for trade shows, events, hotels and any company that wants to promote their products.

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Everyone Likes It

BothwinRaingear umbrellas have been a hit in my retail store. The stylish designs and attention to detail make them stand out among other umbrellas. My customers appreciate the variety of options available, from vibrant prints to elegant solid colors. The wholesale experience with BothwinRaingear has been excellent, with quick shipping and great customer support. I highly recommend BothwinRaingear for wholesale umbrella purchases.


Wholesaling BothwinRaingear umbrellas has been a great decision for my business. The umbrellas are well-made and of high quality, which has resulted in satisfied customers. BothwinRaingear offers a diverse range of umbrellas, including compact travel umbrellas and golf umbrellas, allowing me to cater to different customer needs. Their wholesale pricing is competitive, and the ordering process is efficient. I'm pleased with the partnership and the positive impact it has had on my business.

Olivia W.

I've been wholesaling BothwinRaingear umbrellas for my retail store, and I must say, they have been a fantastic addition to my product lineup. The quality of the umbrellas is exceptional, and my customers appreciate the durability and reliability they offer. BothwinRaingear provides a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern, catering to different preferences. Their wholesale pricing is competitive, and their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend BothwinRaingear for wholesale umbrella needs.


There is no doubting the quality and value for money of bothwinraingear Auto Wood Walker. Combined with an excellentevel of service, responsiveness and creativity l would comfortably recommend them to others


Bothwinraingear provides very high quality products and great customer service, prompt and efficient, always delivered on time, would definitely recommend.

Jasmine Soper

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News about BothwinRaingear Umbrella Limited Company, professional manufacturer of developing, designing, producing, processing and selling umbrellas.
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Promotional Umbrella for Calile Hotel in Queensland
Sep 04, 2020 Promotional Umbrella for Calile Hotel in Queensland
Mis Bec from The Calile Hotel in Queensland, Australia. When her contacted me to customized umbrellas for their Hotel, I checked her website for the first time to learn about the information and style of their hotel. I thought of the straight umbrella,with wooden shaft and wooden curved hook handle, and mach their brand-colored umbrella fabric will be great. Ms. Bec quickly decided to place a sample order. After 3 days of preparation, 5 days of Delivery time, within a week, BEC really received a big surprise, very satisfied with the sample umbrella, and immediately submitted a large order
  • Aug 28, 2020 Back to School Season in China
    China News. The Ministry of Education has asked all schools nationwide to fully restore normal classroom teaching for the fall semester with effective pandemic control measures in place. Thirty provincial level regions have issued plans for resuming on-site schooling for the fall semester. Kindergartens,Primary schools,Secondary schools and Universities were expected to welcome students in staggered time slots from 15th Aug to 10th Oct. Are you prepared to buy umbrella gift for your boy and daughter? We,Susino Umbrella Limited Company which has a variety of umbrella series for you choosing,such as children's umbrella with cartoon design,folding umbrella with semi-automatic open and long stick umbrella with crook handle. In order to celebrate Back to School Season,Susino Umbrella Limited Company provided newest umbrella product on promotion or discount activity,we can offer the competitive price to you. It was an opportunity not to be missed. Susino Umbrella Factory always waiting for you.
    Back to School Season in China
  • Apr 15, 2020 BothwinRaingear Improve Production Lines
    As a professional umbrella manufacturer ,we constantly to improve the efficiency of our production line,we always focus on the layout of the line,working environment,the skills of workers,and the capability of the machines,which can ensure the quality of our product and production workshops more organized and clear.
    BothwinRaingear Improve Production Lines
  • Oct 19, 2021 Customized Umbrella for ARENA Estate Company
    ARENA, a real estate company from Perth, Western Australia, requires that the color of the customized umbrella must be exactly the same as their brand color. A slight color difference is not allowed. We ask him to provide a high-definition brand LOGO and a matching Pantone color number. Using digital printing technology, perfectly fulfilled their custom requirements, ARENA is also very satisfied after receiving the umbrella.
    Customized Umbrella for ARENA Estate Company
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